Presentations, Webinars, and Other Documents

This page provides links to presentations, webinars, and other documents developed by the AdaptWest team. Presentations are provided in html format for viewing within your browser, as well as in pdf format for offline viewing


Introduction to the AdaptWest Database for Climate Adaptation Conservation Planning. Carlos Carroll, Online at Conservation Biology Institute, December 14, 2017. (Also available as an in-browser presentation and as a pdf).


Incorporating climate-change refugia in conservation planning: Assessment of current and future conservation priorities. Diana Stralberg, Carlos Carroll, and Scott Nielsen, NACCB2018 conference, Tuesday, July 24, 2018 Toronto, Ontario. (Also available as a pdf).

Climate velocity and vulnerability metrics as tools for evaluating conservation priorities. Diana Stralberg, Carlos Carroll, and Scott Nielsen, February 9, 2018 Quebec City, Quebec. (Also available as a pdf).

National Adaptation Forum Symposium, May 9, 2017, St. Paul, Minnesota:

Setting Conservation Priorities In A Changing Climate: New Tools For Identifying And Connecting Climate Refugia. Carlos Carroll, Klamath Center for Conservation Research. (Also available as a pdf).

Climate refuges and disappearing climates in the protected areas of North America. Julia Michalak, University of Washington. (Also available as a pdf).

Macrorefugia for North American trees and songbirds. Diana Stralberg, University of Alberta. (Also available as a pdf).

Connecting current and future suitable climates to facilitate species movement under climate change. Caitlin Littlefield, University of Washington. (Also available as a pdf).

Mapping Wildland Values and Climate Vulnerability to Guide Conservation Strategies. Travis Belote, The Wilderness Society. (Also available as a pdf).